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Feridea was founded in 2012 by Henrik Airaksinen, who had been making instrumental music for some time and now wanted to pursue his passion of making vocal oriented melodic metal music. Feridea came into being.

Originally Feridea was formed by: Henrik Airaksinen - keyboard, Aleksander Viitanen - guitar, Jukka Ahlström - drums, Miika Hänninen - bass, Heidi Mankinen - vocals.

Feridea released their debut demo-EP "Reborn in Time" in January 2014, which was a home studio project produced with zero budget. Just before the first studio album recordings in the summer 2014, Heidi Mankinen and Miika Hänninen parted their ways with Feridea.


Feridea started recordings for their second EP "Into a Dawn" in autumn 2014 and new members stepped into the picture. Heidi Lahtinen, who had long history of playing classical and folk music, joined Feridea as violinist. In december 2014 Katra Solopuro joined Feridea as their vocalist. Katra is known from the band KATRA, and she is a professional singer with high education of theatre music and music drama. In March 2015 Into a Dawn-EP was finally ready.

In August 2017 Katra left the band to focus fully on her musical and circus project. After this Feridea left on a indefinite hiatus. During this time Heidi Lahtinen parted ways with Feridea to follow a different calling in life. 

Despite these unfortunate events along the way, the core trio of Feridea still had the same passion as when forming the band back in 2012 and the decision to continue making music and keeping the flame alive was easy decision. Now in 2021 after few years of working on their song writing and music production they found themselves with more than full album worth of new songs ready to be recorded. Rather than starting the search for a new vocalist with the old material, they gathered together talented session musicians and produced a new single and music video, which would also give better fresh look into what Feridea's music has evolved into. So in November 2021 the new single and music video "Never We Fall" was released. 


Feridea's music has evolved from traditional symphonic/power metal to a more fresh and free of genre's boundaries. The melodies and chord progressions have taken influences from as far as modern Japanese music, while the arrangements and production is built with more traditional metal sound. Combining the catchy melodies and fast chord changes with a powerful sound to give the energy and emotional impact to the songs. What ever shape or form the music has and will take throughout the years, the main goal of Feridea's music will always remain the same; to make beautiful songs with a strong impact. 

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