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Aleksander Viitanen - Guitar

Aleksander became interested in music at very early stage of his life. In fact one of his earliest memories is when his brother was listening a lot of Guns 'N' Roses, and he always told his brother "to play that song which has the thonder sound in the end" (Civil War).


His big Brother started to play guitar when Aleksander was six years old. And since his older brother was always the coolest guy and example for him he also wanted a guitar of his own. Luckily his mother gave him his first acoustic guitar as a christmas present, when he was 7.


At school he studied at music-oriented class.. It is fair to say his studies of music theory didn't go so well as a teenager, since he took more interest in playing guitar, drinking beer and chasing after girls. For his own defence, that was then... and bit today as well...


He's always loved poetry and appreciated good lyrics in songs. And so he's been writing lyrics for songs ever since he was sixteen.


Aleksander has been playing in some bands of his own, but nothing too serious to consider. In the spring 2012 he saw notification in internet, where some guys were looking for a guitarist to start a symphonic metal band. He applied to the band and soon became guitarist and lyrics writer of a band, now known as Feridea.

Photo by Vera Lakovaara

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