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New single and music video "Never We Fall" has been released!


After long hiatus we have put our heads together and continued our journey as Feridea. After Katra's departure we went on a indefinite hiatus, also during this time our beloved violinist Heidi left the band to follow a different calling in life. During this time our music had developed and the style had taken a big change from what it was back when we released "Into A Dawn". We felt the old songs didn't give the right idea of what our current musical style is and we didn't feel like starting the recruit for a new singer with our old material would be the right thing to do, so we rather wanted to move forward and bring something fresh to the table that would also give better idea of our current musical direction. So with the help of fellow session musicians we were able to bring one of our new songs to life and produce this new single and music video called "Never We Fall".  


During this time we have had the time to write lots of new material and currently we have almost full album worth of songs ready, and ballads for the next 10 albums (what can I say... I love power ballads). Now we just need to find the right musicians to join this journey and get all this new music out! 

-Henrik / Feridea


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