Heidi Lahtinen: Violin


Heidi grew up with spelman-music, as her mother played violin in spelman-band. Since her father took care of the farm, she often travelled with her mother to band practices, but at the time concentrated mainly pushing over music stands. Her first touch of music was at age of four, when she started to study for 5-stringed kantele at a local kantele group. Later on on she started to play kantele with 36-strings.

At age of 9, her mother asked her which instrument she would like to play. And the answer was clear as a day. Violin. She followed in her mothers footsteps, when the violin studies started 1999. After that she has been playing various gigs alone and with orchestra all over Finland and over the borders as well. Besides the orchestra she also played in different bands and cover groups.

Heidi studied violin all trough her childhood and teenage in Pirkanmaa Institute of Music. Today Heidi is in middle of her studies to graduate as a media designer from Tampere University of applied sciences degree program in digital sound and commercial music.